A recently published report on the South East Asian (SEA) and Pacific region reveals that online gambling and slot gaming as a trend has been rising in countries of the said region because of an amalgamation of multiple factors. The South Asian countries, in particular, have reported a massive surge in the prospects of online gambling. But how did the industry grow into being what it is today? The upcoming sections of the article might present an answer to that question.

Countries of the Eastern Pacific

Countries covered under the survey are mostly countries of the South Asian diaspora which have been underdeveloped and poorly managed in the past. These traditionally set up societies have been at the lowest rung of the third world countries that took time to advance their steps in the realm of modernity. Countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand, that could provide internet access to their users for the first time in 2020, which also resulted in an increasing number of new users, are on the list. These countries have been the hot spot of gambling and slot gaming in the past, and now the interface has shifted to a virtual mode, where now it is prevalently known as Judi online. The opening of these countries and most of their economies to outer influence and financial flux has insinuated growth in a lot of ways.

People now have access to more means and methods of running a successful casino business online. They can tender to customers from different parts of the world who are looking for an uninhibited and cheaper option of gambling. Also, the expansion in services caters not just to the international public but also to residents of their own countries, and not through just entertainment and leisure but additionally through employment and improvement in living standards. These criteria, when looked through the lens of minimal economic exposure the southeastern countries have had in the past, grant them an easier way to fetter away from the shackles of developmental downfalls. Provided of course, they also have an efficient body for regulating the dos and don’ts of the industry.

The way forward

The market hype isn’t merely a statistical torrent but a real growth that has been seen and the impact of which has been felt. The financial charts show a transaction of 34.4 million USD in the online casinos of the Asia Pacific region. These countries have started organizing championships and tournaments to attract more clients into their business. Tournaments like Rocket League Oceania, Philippine Collegiate Champions League & AORUS South Asia Cup have been hugely successful ventures. They have generated fans in eSports gaming, Judi online, gambling commerce, and sports betting for potential future clients. Gambling operators like, 888 Casino, Dream Vegas, and 1xbet, have been huge hits in organizing such events, especially amidst lesser restrictions during the COVID 19 pandemic. These sites are licensed and fully legal, governed by their respective state laws, and aim to administer the best services to their clients.

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