How to Select the Right Home EV charger?

Are you planning to purchase an EV charger? Are you looking for some tips to buy an EV charger? If yes, this article will help you buy a perfect electric vehicle charger.

The electric vehicle comes with a battery pack that charges with a charger. You can charge the battery pack of EV from charging stations. But it is not easy to find a perfect charging station. You can also charge your electric vehicle at your home after purchasing an electric vehicle charger. You have to research a lot to choose a perfect EV charger as most people do not have proper knowledge about them.

Tips That Can Help You In Buying A Perfect EV Charger

EV chargers are necessary to charge an electric vehicle. If you install an EV charger, you can charge your car more conveniently at your home. But purchasing it without any knowledge can be a wrong decision. That is why we are here with some tips that can help you in your purchase.


You have to examine where you plan to install your electric vehicle charger. You must install it near to electric panel. Otherwise, your electrician needs to make a conduit from the board to your vehicle parking. Try to install your charger inside your home; otherwise, you have to purchase a climate-proof charger as some chargers do not work in extreme heat and cold.


Everyone hates to wait for a charged car. If you want to charge your car faster as soon as possible, you must purchase a level 2 charger. It can save time and charge the vehicle faster than a level 1 charger.

Level 2 charger needs a 240V connection that increases the electricity supply from the electric panel. These chargers can save 15 hours of wait time compared to the level 1 chargers.


You must also consider the material quality of the charging case as it affects the durability of the EV charger. You have to purchase an EV charger with more durable material to prevent charging disruption.


You should make a budget to buy the electric vehicle charger. It would be best to consider the cost of the charging station and the cost of installation. It would help if you also learned that these chargers need costs for maintenance and rebate.

Smart Feature

It is a modern era, so it is best to buy an EV charger with the innovative feature. You will get exciting features with these chargers. These chargers will allow you to connect with a mobile app or desktop site.

You can view charging status, activity, and usage history from the user portal. These types of chargers also send a charging reminder on your phone. You can also make the schedule for charging making it smarter.


Electric vehicle runs on electricity. You have to charge the battery pack of the electric vehicle with the EV charger. However, you have planned to purchase an electric vehicle charger. But it is not an easy task to make a purchase. That is why we have told you some valuable tips to buy an EV charger.

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